Specialist Professional Development Programs


Creating positive environments where teams can thrive

Etiquette training as a part of professional development may not seem an obvious investment for your team – but in today’s fast-paced, increasingly disconnected world, it’s more critical than ever.

No matter how much technology automates our lives, people are still people. We all want to feel heard, respected and understood. Nowhere is this more significant than in business, where success almost inevitably hinges on personal interactions.

And at the heart of every personal interaction is etiquette.

We have developed and execute a highly effective series of corporate professional development training programs that support your business and develop your team’s presence, communication skills and customer service all of which are tailored to the needs of our clients. 

We recommend starting with the ‘Professional Presence Masterclass’, before you move on to our more specialised professional development training programs.

In addition to the programs outlined below, we also offer training that focuses on:

Management and Leadership Professional Development Program

Creating positive environments where teams can thrive


  • Understanding the power of great leadership
  • The use of effective and polished language – motivating a team through your words
  • Positive posture and presentation skills – look like an executive manager and build visual respect
  • Executive style and grooming
  • Tools to being a genuine leader/manager – learn to have accountability for your actions, your team and your values
  • Professional and effective communication tools – the complete communication checklist
  • Goal setting and leading by example
  • Voice power and presence – speaking with polished articulation skills, using micro expressions to build trust
  • Dealing with conflict and an unhappy team
  • Understanding your own leadership/management style and values

Voice Power and Presence Professional Development Masterclass

Helping executives to develop their individual voice style


  • Diction exercises to make sure every word is articulated correctly
  • Vowel and consonant work
  • Vocal variety and voice projection
  • Entering an environment with professionalism and flair
  • Strong and confident body language and posture
  • Language skills to create an executive presence
  • The dos and don’ts of pitching
  • What it takes to look and sound confident and have dynamic energy
  • How to start and finish presentations with strength